Oh, yes, come in. Let me dust the human remains from this chair – please, sit down! I’ve been redecorating. Don’t you just love the charred animal corpses I’ve nailed to the walls? What about the thick layer of mucus on the floor – soft on your feet, no?  Oh, and I see you’ve noticed the coup de grâce, if you will. Yes, yes – he does do that constantly. No, he only stops if we run out of virginal blood. For lubricant, of course. Just be sure to never make eye contact.

Why thank you! Yes, this is a lovely hellplace.


This is the (hell)place where I dump all the games – or the mindthoughts pertaining to games – which I make with my brain.

My writing has been mentioned on sites such as Rock Paper Shotgun (twice), Critical Distance, The Brindle Blog and Sneaky Bastards.

The Slavoj Zizek game I made with Cameron Kunzelman was featured on Buzzfeed.

There will be more to come.

(It was prophesised).



Oh, and you can see my other website at jwragg.com KTHXBYE